This year on the Furlonger Stage we have a fantastic line-up of local musicians, headlined by the astonishing Life’s Circus.

Lifes Circus

To try and explain the roots of Life’s Circus would be both a complicated and pointless affair. They used to play together and then he did this and she did that and that one did a gig with that one, blah, blah blah, yadda, yadda, yadda. So lets cut straight to the chase, who cares about the journey that brought them together, let us just relish the journey they are about to take us on.

So, if you’re prepared to be taken on an adventure by our Ringmaster, come join the circus and their unstoppable funk party.

Bring your dancing shoes and enjoy a show you’ll never forget !

The Easy Skanking Band

Easyskanking features musicians who have toured extensively in the UK and Europe. Previous incarnations have headlined and sold out at The Forum, The Marquee and have played at major festivals including Edinburgh Fringe, Brighton and Guilfest.


Pippfest wouldnt be well Pippfest without local heroes Eclectix playing their “eclectic” mix of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s…Bowie, Chilli Peppers, Funk…all the stuff we love !

Stephanie Davies & The Super Dynamics

Bloco Do Sul

A stunning spectacle of colour and sound Bloco Do Sul are our Dorking based Samba band who actually are the longest running Samba band in the UK !

George O’Hanlon

George is a talented young local singer/songwriter who will charm you with his soulful voice and boyish looks…everyone loves George


Objayda’s secret lies in the unlikely songwriting partnership between Tarn Ockenden & Tim Howe following their chance meeting at a recording session back in 1982.

The band have toured extensively over the years through out the UK, Europe & even Africa performing to some half a million people along the way. They have also written, recorded and released nine studio albums selling several thousand copies and attracting media coverage from the likes of BBC Radio One and Two, Radio Six International, Absolute Radio, French & Canadian radio stations and BBC and independent television. Their single Skeleton Bob was recently championed by UK comedian and showbiz celebrity Frank Skinner on his national radio breakfast show and who is reputed to be a fan!

Objayda are now signed to Gravel Road Records & Music.

El Sur